All about sugar


 Did you know that when Washington was alive, the average American ate 2 pounds of sugar a YEAR?

By the beginning of the 1900's, it was up to 50 pounds per person per year

Now, we consume over 100 pounds per person a year!


A lot of us eat sugar without being aware of it - a lot it can be found in processed foods.  If you walked through a grocery store and removed foods with the words "dextrose,glucose, or sugar" in them, then the shelves in that store would be ninety per cent empty!


Sugar supplies energy but very few nutrients.  And if you eat a lot of sugary foods, then that prevents you from eating healthier, more nutritionally sound foods.  Not only that, when you are tired and eat sugary foods to pick you up, you may actually feel peppier for a few minutes, but then your pancreas starts producing insulin to counteract that.  In other words, it will actually LOWER your energy


Here are some tips and hints to help you avoid sugar:


Read the labels and remember all the different names for sugar.

Buy fewer foods with sugar added

Buy fresh rather than processed foods.

Buy fruits and vegetables packed in water rather than syrup

Reduce sugar in recipes that you make at home.

Leave the sugar bowl off the table.

Experiment with spices

Cut back on the amount of soda pop you drink (all of it - even the artificially sweetened kind)

Make a list of your favorrite sweets and KEEP THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE!







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