September and October are peak apple months.  Here is a little quiz to see how much you know about them.


1  Do you know where the expression an apple a day keeps the doctor away came from?

2.  Name 2 things that apples are low in

3.  Name something that an apple is an excellent substitute for.

4. Do you know what gives the apple its bright color?

5.  Do you know what vitamin the apple's skin has a large amount of?

6.  Do you know what apples can raise and lower?

7. What can apples help prevent?

8. What happens to apples the longer since they have been picked (outside of going bad)?

9. What do apples have that no other fruit has?

10. Can you name a mineral that is found in apples?





1.  England in the middle of the 19th century.  The original expression was eat an apple before going to bed, it will keep the doctor from earning his bread.

2. Calories and fat

3. candy and chocolate

4. flavenoids - thought to fight off disease.

5. vitamin c - best when freshly picked.  some varieties have more than others.

6. they raise good cholesterol and lower bad.

7. tooth decay'

8. The vitamin c diminishes

9. ability to clean teeth

10. potassium, calcium and phosphorus




















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