Here is a nifty little tidbit of info that we picked up from an Area Captain who puts out a really nifty monthly letter.


                                                       9 GOALS FOR 2012


When it comes to weight loss:


1. Do exercises you enjoy

2. Limit sweets to no more than 10 percent of your total calorie intake for the day.

3. Think about how much better you feel when you are thinner.


As far as weight maintenance:


4. Remind yourself why you need to control your weight.  Track motivation in a journal.

5. Make time for a consistent exercise routine.

6. Reward yourself for sticking to a healthy eating plan (not with food!)    Reduce your risk for diabetesby sticking to healthy lifestyle habits.


Both weight loss and maintenance:


7. Make grocery lists and stick to them.

8. Weigh yourself often.

9. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  People are mre than twice as likely to lose weight when they eat fruits and veggies often.


Special thanks go to Southwest Florida Area Captain Donald Hughes.



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