Heart Healthy Cooking Gadgets


1.  Steamer

2.  Wok

3.  Fat removing gravy pitcher, ladles, racks or


4. Cheese grater

5. Yogurt funnel

6. Pressure cooker

7. Blender/food processor

8. Nonstick pans and bakeware

9. Fish poacher

10. Microwave

11. Garlic press

12. Kitchen scale

 Things you can give your sweetheart for Valentine's day BESIDE CHOCOLATE


A single rose in a vase

Scented soap

Gift certificate for a bookstore

Votive candle

Perfume or cologne in sample size

Fine linen handerchief

Movie tickets

Stylish hairbow or tie

Love note in a briefcase, under a pillow, or in a pocket

Music box

Scrapbook of your latest fun times together

One hour of undivided attention

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